Dear lovely readers, I have some exciting news. I started a newsletter a couple of weeks back. Every week I send out an email about books, movies, TV shows, recipes and other little things. Two postcards are out already! Only some postcards will be available at the archive. Subscribe so you don't miss out on … Continue reading Newsletter

Listen.. Amaya

A sweet movie. Perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. The story of a young girl coming to terms with her mother's decision to re-marry. The best part about the movie are the performances given by Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheik. The good part about the movie is that I loved their house, the interiors, the … Continue reading Listen.. Amaya

Movies – July

I have been on a movie watching spree. I watched three movies yesterday. A first time for me considering that I can usually not watch more than one movie on a single day. The movie watching spree did leave me feeling a little down but that can be credited to sitting indoors staring a screen … Continue reading Movies – July