I. He, She and Dog He sat alone on the park bench. He seemed worried. He worried that his mother worried. He was going to turn forty in a month and he hadn't found a partner for himself. But he wasnt too worried. He would have been if he thought about things. But he wasn't much of … Continue reading Samosa

Chronology of our Argument

Broken words Abuses thrown around Rising decibels Mine, not his. Silence, A dullness Hanging in the air. Tears An Uncontrollable stream Gushing down the cheeks. Hugs, bad jokes Lips part To smile Taste of tears In my mouth.


We are a pair You and I. We belong together A set A couple. Why then this distance I cannot see you from where I am We are so alike. yet different, Mirror images I complete you and you me, We go together. Without you there is no me. And without me will you stay … Continue reading Doori


Why are you so weird? And your thoughts so twisted? Aren't you scared? I am, very much. But you don't cry I have no tears left. I like happy. I like colour. I like black. Why are you so weird?