I belong nowhere. Everywhere I go, I misfit. Is there a group for misfits? If I fit there, am I still a misfit? Are all misfits, misfit? If they all fit Aren't they no longer Misfit?


Do you remember that dream That woke you up in the middle of the night? Sweating profusely Jolted out of sleep You sat up straight Scared, panting. Do you remember that nightmare From the wee hours of the morning? Do you remember it all? The story behind it That had you kicking your feet Into … Continue reading Aftertaste


I missFamiliarityin my surroundingsThe feeling of knowing it allthe comfort zonethe known sights, peoplethe smell - fresh.I miss the familiarityof it all.I miss home.


This poem was written as part of a writing challenge based on a prompt.¬†They gather in blackIn plentyYour burial, soon.I stand besides a wooden boxWhere you lieExpressionless,Void of emotions,Stiff, just like meBut I breatheAnd you refuse to.You have left me aloneOn this planet with its evilsHow dare you?They murmur condolencesThat I fail to graspI clutch … Continue reading YOU LEFT TOO SOON