Post #18

When I am traveling alone, I usually have my moments of inspiration and clarity. In these moments certain thoughts and ideas which otherwise would have never struck me, manifest themselves. I usually make a note using my favorite tool, Evernote. Here is a combination of two such philosophical ideas that I had on separate days last October. Life … Continue reading Post #18

A Full Life

In order to live life To the fullest We go in search Of people and places Comparing scenes from our lives To ideals in sitcoms, social media. At every juncture We shake out heads "This was not the scene". Unsatisfied we continue Our search For it all never matches Our life not full enough Forgetting … Continue reading A Full Life

I Am

I am My childhood The experiences The people The books The school. I am My hometown The culture The festivals The wildlife And society. I am The composite Of all that I read, Saw heard and learnt. I am The sum Of all these years.


Why is it that we humans are obsessed with being better than those around us? We want to belong and not be isolated. So we adopt practises and fads that seems to be popular. We wear clothes that is considered to be in fashion. We adjust our tones, languages and accents just to fit in. … Continue reading Why

Who am I

How do we recognize The real us That is hiddeb Behind masks And personalities Manners and what not. Who would we be If rules weren't set? If we were free And society had no qualms About what is right About what is wrong. Would you still be you? Would I still be me?