In the quiet of the night You are Ubiquitous. You are The night. When your time is up You recede and shrink Into crevices snd holes Into unlit rooms Hiding And waiting To rush out again And rule the night.


The moon looked pretty last night Big, white And full. From up in the sky It laughed at me 'Look at me I rule the sky tonight No clouds hiding me And the Sun Is down. Look at you Small and insignificant' The moon was right. But I didn't tell him so I made a … Continue reading Poornima

Disappearing Orange

One minute the Sun is up Shining in the sky And then it's gone An orange ball Fleeing Into the horizon Plunging the world Into darkness And silence A colourless sky Envelopes us while we stare into it Weaving dreams And hopes Making wishes Till sleep takes over And the Sun is back again.


It's dark outside An unearthly hour But I am awake Reflecting, Recycling The thoughts in my head.   I hear a movement, Outside.   At this hour? I turn sharply And stare at the window But it's dark outside I see nothing.   Yet I wait Unwillingly To see a face appear A stranger, a … Continue reading Scared

Insomnia – III

I have sleep On the threshold Of my eyes. Yet sleep betrays me As I close my lids To drift slowly Into a world of dreams and unconsciousness. Eyes are shut but sleep is playing hard to get.