I. He, She and Dog He sat alone on the park bench. He seemed worried. He worried that his mother worried. He was going to turn forty in a month and he hadn't found a partner for himself. But he wasnt too worried. He would have been if he thought about things. But he wasn't much of … Continue reading Samosa


I try to give words To the sounds I hear At this beach. My vocabulary It fails me. How do I describe the continuous rumble Of approaching waves the sound of rising water Falling against water The higher the wave the louder the sound Tiny waves with their plop Waves against rocks Waves against sound … Continue reading Beach


7AM Driving through the fog I try to capture it But the beauty always escapes The camera lens And reaches my eyes. The camera only sees trees And mountains My eyes: they see everything. Mountains resting under a green carpet Yellow patches here and there Like the sun is gently prodding the mountains awake The … Continue reading 7AM

As I Travel

The mountains line our path. Brown waves shining under the morning sun. From a distance the mountains look like they have been draped in fabric. Silky and smooth, I feel like running my hands on the waves. As we move closer, the dried grass is visible. It no longer looks smooth. I feel disappointed and … Continue reading As I Travel

While I brood

Shadows are playing Outside the window Dancing merrily With the wind. A tiny bird Flits around Pauses Only to fly again. A thumping sound From the neighbor above Tells me I am not alone. The Television's on And cares for none Flashing images At me. I stare at it Preoccupied Before I turn To look at the shadows Again. … Continue reading While I brood

Disappearing Orange

One minute the Sun is up Shining in the sky And then it's gone An orange ball Fleeing Into the horizon Plunging the world Into darkness And silence A colourless sky Envelopes us while we stare into it Weaving dreams And hopes Making wishes Till sleep takes over And the Sun is back again.