Post #18

When I am traveling alone, I usually have my moments of inspiration and clarity. In these moments certain thoughts and ideas which otherwise would have never struck me, manifest themselves. I usually make a note using my favorite tool, Evernote. Here is a combination of two such philosophical ideas that I had on separate days last October. Life … Continue reading Post #18

A Full Life

In order to live life To the fullest We go in search Of people and places Comparing scenes from our lives To ideals in sitcoms, social media. At every juncture We shake out heads "This was not the scene". Unsatisfied we continue Our search For it all never matches Our life not full enough Forgetting … Continue reading A Full Life


I. He, She and Dog He sat alone on the park bench. He seemed worried. He worried that his mother worried. He was going to turn forty in a month and he hadn't found a partner for himself. But he wasnt too worried. He would have been if he thought about things. But he wasn't much of … Continue reading Samosa

Chronology of our Argument

Broken words Abuses thrown around Rising decibels Mine, not his. Silence, A dullness Hanging in the air. Tears An Uncontrollable stream Gushing down the cheeks. Hugs, bad jokes Lips part To smile Taste of tears In my mouth.

New tidings

It has been a week since I set up a new home in a new city. Surprisingly the week was a good one. I had been apprehensive before I moved, about whether I will be able to take up the new responsibility and what if I will feel homesick. But I worried for no reason. … Continue reading New tidings


We are a pair You and I. We belong together A set A couple. Why then this distance I cannot see you from where I am We are so alike. yet different, Mirror images I complete you and you me, We go together. Without you there is no me. And without me will you stay … Continue reading Doori