I missFamiliarityin my surroundingsThe feeling of knowing it allthe comfort zonethe known sights, peoplethe smell - fresh.I miss the familiarityof it all.I miss home.

No place like home

The unending noise The blaring honks The crowded streets And Yelling neighbours. I miss it all Surely I do. Roadside food The sweat and grime, Stretch out your hand: An auto is by your side. Yummy Butter chicken That leaves your fingers red Rules being broken And nothing going smooth. The lack of order This … Continue reading No place like home

While I brood

Shadows are playing Outside the window Dancing merrily With the wind. A tiny bird Flits around Pauses Only to fly again. A thumping sound From the neighbor above Tells me I am not alone. The Television's on And cares for none Flashing images At me. I stare at it Preoccupied Before I turn To look at the shadows Again. … Continue reading While I brood