Post #8

So, I missed a day. I am not very happy about it. In my defense, this time it was not my procrastination that was the reason. Yesterday was a busy day and I completely forgot about posting something on the blog. I had a topic to write on and I was actually looking forward to … Continue reading Post #8

Day 7

The post is a little late thanks mainly to my procrastination and partly to not having much to write about. But I resolved to write every day and I am going to! I get bored very easily and most of my interests are very short-lived. Or like my mom says, "chari disa umedi", which translates … Continue reading Day 7


I. He, She and Dog He sat alone on the park bench. He seemed worried. He worried that his mother worried. He was going to turn forty in a month and he hadn't found a partner for himself. But he wasnt too worried. He would have been if he thought about things. But he wasn't much of … Continue reading Samosa