I. He, She and Dog He sat alone on the park bench. He seemed worried. He worried that his mother worried. He was going to turn forty in a month and he hadn't found a partner for himself. But he wasnt too worried. He would have been if he thought about things. But he wasn't much of … Continue reading Samosa

Disappearing Orange

One minute the Sun is up Shining in the sky And then it's gone An orange ball Fleeing Into the horizon Plunging the world Into darkness And silence A colourless sky Envelopes us while we stare into it Weaving dreams And hopes Making wishes Till sleep takes over And the Sun is back again.

Why I write.

I walk the lonely street, an errand to run. A short walk to the grocer's, but so many moments and pictures waiting to be taken. So many sounds that I want to capture: the conversation between a boy and his grandma, barks and yelps, loud TV shows, the breeze, leaves on the street, a distant … Continue reading Why I write.