Chronology of our Argument

Broken words Abuses thrown around Rising decibels Mine, not his. Silence, A dullness Hanging in the air. Tears An Uncontrollable stream Gushing down the cheeks. Hugs, bad jokes Lips part To smile Taste of tears In my mouth.

Listen.. Amaya

A sweet movie. Perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. The story of a young girl coming to terms with her mother's decision to re-marry. The best part about the movie are the performances given by Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheik. The good part about the movie is that I loved their house, the interiors, the … Continue reading Listen.. Amaya

Movies – July

I have been on a movie watching spree. I watched three movies yesterday. A first time for me considering that I can usually not watch more than one movie on a single day. The movie watching spree did leave me feeling a little down but that can be credited to sitting indoors staring a screen … Continue reading Movies – July

On Preity Zinta

It started with me assuming that Preity Zinta's movie "Ishkq in Paris" had released and vanished from the theaters silently. I thought that it must have been very unfortunate for Preity as this is her first movie after a two-year sabbatical from movies. I looked up on the Internet to write an article on "What went wrong … Continue reading On Preity Zinta