Hit and Run

Time, I need you to stop. Or pause, at least. So I can take a deep breath and relax. I need to take it all in, absorb the happenings around me. You are ahead, speeding. I have fallen behind. My own fallacies are to be blamed for it. Yet, I wish that this was possible. … Continue reading Hit and Run

This and That

I don't have a single topic to write on. I have many. Nothing solid, nothing long. Random rumblings from here and there. I saw several tiny birds today. And a blue bird. Some days, I see a hummingbird. Not day. I wish I could sit outside and dream while I watched birds and cats. But … Continue reading This and That


Do you remember that dream That woke you up in the middle of the night? Sweating profusely Jolted out of sleep You sat up straight Scared, panting. Do you remember that nightmare From the wee hours of the morning? Do you remember it all? The story behind it That had you kicking your feet Into … Continue reading Aftertaste