Awe! – Movie Review

Awe! India, 2018. Telugu.



Source: IMDb

I went into this movie without any prior knowledge. I remember seeing the movie poster somewhere on my social media. But it hadn’t caught my attention then. On Friday night, the TV remote was under my control, a rare event in our house (No violence was involved in obtaining the remote). I could decide what played on the 55” screen in front of me, another rarity. Awe! showed up among my Netflix suggestions. Drunk with the power I was wielding in my hands, I decided to take a risk and watch a movie without reading reviews. The trailer that auto-played seemed interesting enough.

The first thirty minutes of the movie comprises of four or five disjointed stories. They don’t seem to be related either in plot or theme. One story appears to be a romantic story, one is a crime story with elements of horror, the others dip into fantasy and sci-fi. They all seem to be set in a parallel universe, where everything is over-the-top colorful. While it is all entertaining and keeps you hooked, one can’t help feeling confused for the first half of the movie. What’s happening, where is this movie headed, how does it all tie together? Only in the climax does it all make sense.

The entire movie kept me engaged and interested, in spite of being a roller coaster ride as it shifted between stories. The cinematography is excellent capturing aesthetically pleasing sets. The color palette for each story changes depending on the theme of that story. The movie has its flaws but the performances were great and runtime was perfect.

It is not a mainstream Telugu movie and may not appeal to a wide audience. But the ratings on IMDb (8/10) and Rotten Tomatoes indicate that it has been well received.

For someone who is yet to watch the movie and hasn’t heard of it before, I recommend going into it blindly as I did. Reading reviews online, even when they don’t contain spoilers, will give you hints and bits that may take away from an enjoyable movie watching experience.

But if you have to read a review, I recommend reading this one by Baradwaj Rangan.

My rating is 4.5/5. Highly recommend.

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