My speaker plays a song
From the ‘Heart in the Rainbow’ playlist
Silver Lining slowly permeates
Through the silence surrounding me.

I stare out the window
Evaluating all my bad choices
The sun glaring down at me
The trees shaking their head, disappointed.

There is a quick fix
To take my mind off this
All I need to do is press
That colourful, square icon on my phone.

I open the app with all the pictures
Of beautifully captured moments and
Carefully curated snapshots
Of our otherwise imperfect lives.

An endless collection of eye candy
The scrolling never stops
When I have exhausted all that is in my feed
I can click Explore.

I pause, looking away
Staring out the window again
The sun is still out, the trees are swaying about
I try to remember what it was I was thinking before.

I can’t remember
But there remains a dull ache
A slight sadness
In the back of my head as I go back to my phone.

One thought on “Instagram

  1. Boli das Trevas (@BoliDasTrevas) says:

    My brain is infused with too much connectness, it’s just too much… did the thing I just say what I actually believe or just a repetition of something I browsed this morning? What’s true or false? Too much work to find out the truth for piece of information I get bombarded with. Personality gets dissolved in the sea of ever present conflicting opinions on the web. Humanity gets lost and is replaced by a beast composed of a thousand thoughts.


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