Post 25 – Writing Advice

I attended an online writing workshop back in February. I was a little skeptical about it at first. I wasn’t sure if it is worth sacrificing three hours from my Sunday. But I decided to register anyway. It turned out to be a useful workshop. I ended up taking a few pages worth of notes. As part of the workshop, I also received some book recommendations and other references.

There was one piece of advice that stood out from the rest, something that I tell myself every day. It is just four words long. But these are four powerful words, words that can change your writing habit for the better. The advice is: Sit In Your Chair.

It is as simple as that.

Sit in your chair at a set time every day. Sit with a book or laptop or whatever device you using for your writing. Sit for a set time: fifteen minutes, half an hour, whatever works for you. Sit in your chair and write. Do it every day. By doing this every day, you make it a habit. You can sharpen your writing skills and be a better writer.

It is not easy to find time, especially when writing is a hobby and you don’t you take it as earnestly as you should. I haven’t been writing every day. I want to.

So, I try.

The workshop: You can find out about the workshop from How to Write Better (twitter account) and How to write Better website. You can also sign up for their newsletter.

Happy writing.

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