Post 24 – Old Couples

There was an old couple walking ahead of me yesterday. They must have been in their seventies or eighties. We came to a bridge. This bridge runs across a section of the bay and is probably about 30 steps long. The bridge is made of wooden planks bolted on a solid steel frame. It is not a flimsy bridge which swings as people walk; it is pretty sturdy. But you can feel the bridge rumble a little if a heavy vehicle passes by. Because of the wooden planks, if you look down while walking across, you can see the water below through the gaps.

As soon as we came to the bridge, the old couple ahead of me stopped. The lady then put her arm into her husband’s arm and they began walking again. They walked across the bridge slowly, as she held on to him tightly. Once they had crossed the bridge, she let out a sigh, giggled and let go of his arm.

It was the cutest, warmest, sweetest thing I had seen in a long time. It was beautiful and I wish I had taken a picture. Love is in the little things.

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