Post 21 – On Writing

Busy days and my own laziness prevents me from journaling every single day. I want to but I don’t prioritize my writing enough and when the schedule gets too hectic, I allocate my writing time for something else. That is because I underestimate the importance of writing.

I am just not my usual self  if I go for more than two days without writing. My head feels heavy because of all the thoughts that are waiting to be written. I am lethargic and de-motivated. I try to go about my day like writing is not the issue but it never feels right. It is like trying to work on a cluttered desk or in a cluttered environment.

I need to get my writing done. I need to get the thoughts out. I need to clear some space in my head and writing is what helps me with that. No matter what happens, I always come back to writing. I find solace in the simple activity of putting pen to paper. If I don’t have my notebook handy, I take notes using Evernote, but the joy of writing in my Moleskine, or any notebook for that matter, is next to none.

Like I have said before, “Writing is therapy“.


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