Post #18

When I am traveling alone, I usually have my moments of inspiration and clarity. In these moments certain thoughts and ideas which otherwise would have never struck me, manifest themselves. I usually make a note using my favorite tool, Evernote. Here is a combination of two such philosophical ideas that I had on separate days last October.

Life on earth is pointless. Us humans are constantly trying to find a purpose, an end goal. But we are just rotating around the sun, with no mission or purpose. We (all living creatures on earth) are alone in this huge and expanding universe. What then is the point of life?

Perhaps the point of life is to find a mission amidst all this endless rotation and revolution. And so we have created States, leaders of state, a social and political system, given duties to people, created occupations just so we can keep our days on earth busy. We have created money and rights and duties to drive us.
The point of life is probably to learn; maybe it is about finding yourself, finding the person within you, the person who you are comfortable with, proud to be. The person who you can confidently flaunt without worrying about being judged. Life is about finding you that makes you, uniquely, just you.

The world is constantly throwing things at you. Fashion, movies, music, books and other things that you are supposed to like in order to belong. But life is exploring and experimenting all the things that get thrown at you to find the things that you really love.
When I read them now they seem funny and excessive. There may, of course, be an element of truth in them, but it sounds preachy. I don’t remember what inspired these thoughts; it might have been the book I was reading, or an article, or something I saw while traveling to work. But I do enjoy going back and reading these notes, laughing at them and using them as ideas for my blog.
Here is an old song that I had on my old Nokia phone for the longest time. I don’t remember why I had this song or how it got there, but it is a lovely song. Enjoy!

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