Post #17 – A month into 2016


32 days since 2016 began, and I have written 16 posts so far.

50% of the days a post has been published; its like I wrote every other day. I started this goal of “one post every day” on the 4th of January. There should have been 29 posts so far, instead there are 16.

16 out of 29 is 55%. That is still pretty good considering my track record of giving up after four days.

I published only 5 posts in January 2015 and just 7 posts in January 2014. The total number of posts for 2014 is 39, and 28 for 2015.

2016 is surely better.

I can choose to beat myself up for missing out on 50% of the days so far, and give up. Or I can reflect, review, congratulate myself about the 50% of the days that I did not miss and continue writing.

I choose the latter.

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