Post #12 – While I watched the Sun set

[This is an old post. It was sitting in my drafts for a long time. It might be a little too philosophical, but I tend to be that way while watching sunsets].

At ten thousand feet, I was texting pictures to everyone back home about how I have come to watch the sunset. Not realizing that, while I wait, the sun has already crossed over to the other side, their side. The sun has risen in the land I call home. The same Sun that is disappearing down the horizon here.

But I wait patiently for the sun to set, like it is a different sun . Different from one that has already risen there . In fact we are looking at two sides of the same sun. We are on either side separated by miles and miles of oceans and land , yet, sharing a sun.
As I watch, it feels like i am sending it Home, this Sun that is setting in front of me.

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