Post #11 – The story of every weekend

The first few hours,  on the first day of a long weekend, are probably the best times during the entire holiday. After those initial dream-filled hours have gone by, the rest of the holiday goes by in a blur. Within no time it is the night before you head back to work. All kinds of blues set in and you wish there more holidays, and you wish that you didn’t have to go to work and that money grew on trees and why couldn’t humans just stay in the wild, eh?

How I feel on Saturday

But those first few hours on the first day are blissful. You rejoice at all the unfilled hours lying ahead of you and all  the things that you can do. You plan with great fervor all that will be accomplished in the next three days.

Most of the things can be put into one of the following four categories:

  1. Things that must be done and have the highest priority: cleaning, laundry, paying bills etc.
  2. Things that need to be done but are not as important as 1: calling old friends, syncing phone/laptop, paperwork,
  3. Things that are not necessary and exist solely for your entertainment: completing an entire series on netflix, TV, reading blogs, social media exploration
  4. Doing nothing: naps, sitting idle staring into space wondering what to eat next.

Ideally, these must be done in the order that they are listed. And that is how I intend to do them when the weekend starts off. But then, something (YouTube) tells me that it would be fun to mix things up once in a while. So I end up doing things in the following order: I start with 4, then go to 3, back to 4, little bit of 3 and then 4 and that is the end of my weekend.

How I feel Sunday evening

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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