Post #9: Foot in Mouth – A poem

I thought of writing a poem today. But I am not very good at writing poems on demand. It is usually solitude and melancholy that inspires me to write poems. When the words flow, they really flow. But on days like today, words are hard to find. Yet, I tried. Here is my poem for today:

Foot in Mouth

Words have taken form
I string them
Into sentences
I run them over, in my head
switching words, moving it along
till it sounds right,
And perfect.

I let it out
This string of words
that seemed right
in the confines of my brain
Now in the wild
It feels wrong:
the tone,
the words
that’s not what I meant
That’s not what I said.

Give me another chance
Another attempt
Let me weave another string
To tell you…
what I really meant.


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