Post #8

So, I missed a day.

I am not very happy about it. In my defense, this time it was not my procrastination that was the reason. Yesterday was a busy day and I completely forgot about posting something on the blog. I had a topic to write on and I was actually looking forward to writing it. But too many things came up and it completely slipped my mind.

But like some famous guy said (or not), if you fall, pick yourself up and try again. And that is what I am going to do. Getting out of my comfort zone (couch) and sticking to my resolution is not going to be easy. The key is to keep going.

I finished reading another book yesterday, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. So that is two books in 2016 so far. This book was longer than I thought it would be. I started reading it on 30th December and completed it on 11th January. I took close to two weeks to read it but this was not the only book I was reading, so two weeks is not that bad.

About the book itself, I loved it. I started reading it expecting something different. I assumed it would be about evolution and fossils and paleontology. But like the title obviously states (which I chose to ignore), it is a brief history of humankind. The author summarizes everything humans have done from the time they were hunters to the agricultural revolution to domesticating animals to kingdoms and wars and countries and technology. I enjoyed reading this book a lot. It has inspired me to read a lot more history. I rate it 5/5.

[I wanted to do a more detailed review about this book. But I am sleepy and I really want to post something today, so review is for another rainy day].

I used to enjoy history in school, whatever little they made us read. Our syllabus never encouraged us to read/love/enjoy history. They succeeded in making us memorize stupid details and took all the fun out of history. I wish they had taught us more. I wish I had read more.

After school, history was never a part of my academics and reading non-fiction was not my style. But now things have changed (I have grown older) and I have begun to love non-fiction. I don’t know if this is a phase I am going through but I am learning a lot.

Yesterday I started reading India After Gandhi, which is a lot lengthier than Sapiens. I will probably be reading this for the rest of 2016. I also picked up Sea of Poppies and tried to read a bit of that. But I couldn’t get past even one paragraph whereas with  India After Gandhi, I read the prologue and the first chapter and I was motivated to skip work and continue reading.

I didn’t do that, I went to work and read the book.

Just kidding, I went to work and I worked.

Anyway, I guess reading non-fiction is not just a phase!

I wrote a much longer post than I intended to. That makes up for missing a day, right?

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