Day 5 – On Enid Blyton

On my way to work I walk by a garage, or maybe it some kind of a storage. But it is huge, has one of those metal fences and seems like an important place. For the last couple of days I noticed that there is a black glove lying inside garage, on the other side of the fence. This black, torn leather glove for some reason reminded me of Enid Blyton and her mystery series.

I read a lot of Enid Blyton while in school. I read her boarding school series, the famous five series, the five find-outers series and everything else that I could get my hands on. Among the mysteries, I loved the five find-outers more than the famous five. Everyone else I knew liked the famous five.

What fascinated me about these books was that, the kids in these books had an adventurous life . They would go exploring islands, villages, the circus, eavesdrop and do dangerous things. They could even let themselves out at night, if at all they needed to find clues. I could never get past the 20 locks holding our back door. The lovely city I grew up in seemed like a boring world compared to the world of Fatty and George.

Inspired by these books, I went around our yard looking for “clues”. I had decided that I would find sufficient clues and then pick a case, since no one was handing me a case anyway. I collected cigarette butts (how they landed in our yard is actually a mystery since no one smokes!), scraps of paper with things written on them, feathers and the like. I would look for footprints in the mud and cook up a story in my head. I would eat dosas for tea but imagine that they were scones or eclairs. At the time, I didn’t know what scones or eclairs were, but now that I know, I prefer dosas.

Eventually, my tastes in books changed. I read more Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Harry Potter, Agatha Christie etc. But Enid Blyton books will always be special.

And so, while I was walking to work a wave of nostalgia hit me. I wondered whose glove it was. Was he trying to escape, when the glove tore and fell behind. The dogs were chasing him, so he didn’t bother to go get it. There is also a huge pack of staples fallen just outside the fence. Did he drop it? I wonder…

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