Day 3 – On using a Moleskine

I love writing in notebooks. Among all the notebooks I have used so far, the Moleskine is definitely the best. My husband doesn’t understand why I need to purchase a Moleskine where any regular notebook will do. He doesn’t understand what is special about a Moleskine.

Here is what I love about Moleskine  notebooks(I use the plain soft cover – large, ruled):

  1. The soft cover feels good. It is smooth and I can’t really describe this well, but it feels really good to hold this notebook. The only other notebook that I have come across which feels this good is the rubberband notebook from India.
  2. The notebook falls flat without ANY effort! I have never seen any book which always falls flat with such ease. I hate having to press down the spine to make books fall flat. It doesn’t matter if you are in the first few pages or the center, it ALWAYS falls flat. Writing in these notebooks is easy.
  3. The quality of paper is really good. Writing on a Moleskine is a dream!

Most books I have used so far usually have one of the above three qualities, but not all. Which is why I love Moleskine. And it turns out that the city I live in, has an exclusive Moleskine store! I am yet to go there and drool my heart out. But when I do, I will set aside an entire day and possibly all my money!

Just kidding, mom!

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