Writer’s Block

You know that feeling? You want to write about something, you know what you want to write, yet, the words don’t flow. You write one sentence, then you rewrite it and then you stare at it wondering how to continue. The topic is clear, the idea is clear, but the words are elusive. Like a clogged pipe, something holds it back. So you give up and close the page. You come back few days (or months) later and look at the drafts folder. There are more than twenty unfinished posts. You attempt yet again to complete it. By this time the idea is lost, you don’t remember why you wrote what you did. So you stare at the page and abandon the post once again. The ghosts in the draft folder continue to grow. They haunt you day and night. And then one day when you are just about to drift off to sleep, the words begin to flow. And how they flow. Beautiful words, eloquent sentences and the perfect article. You smile and fall asleep. You wake up and open the page, this time with excitement. You start writing.

Then you rewrite it. The number of posts in your drafts folder continues to grow.

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