Update – 14-June-2015

Hi there! Long time, no see. I haven’t posted anything here for a long time because I have been so busy with school. Now that that is out of the way, let me give you guys an update.

This blog has undergone a lot of changes in the last month. Some you will notice, others you won’t. For starters, this blog is no longer at chickentikkalove.com. (What was I thinking when I bought that domain anyway?!) We have moved to urban chaos.me . I like the new domain, don’t you? The old domain belongs to me for another month or so, which means if you try to open chickentikkalove.com, you will be redirected to urbanchaos.me. But after a month, it won’t get you here. So, bookmark/save the new address!

Another change is in the site name and tagline. The site name was All That I Love, the tagline: Because Writing is Therapy. While I love the name and the tagline individually, together they didn’t really make any sense. Also, they were totally unrelated to chickentikkalove. The blog itself is unrelated to chickentikka, because I hardly write about food. I had a blog with a name, a tagline and an address that didn’t really fit the blog.

So, I went ahead and changed it. The blog is now Urban Choas. Notice that it matches the address! And the tagline is: The Mind Never Sleeps. Because mine really doesn’t. When I started this blog, I was in a hurry to start a blog and I picked a name without giving it a lot of thought. But this time I spent time and came up with something that I really liked. A name that I can identify with, a name that represents the blog for what it really is: a place to write bits and pieces of the chaos in my head. Urban because my mind is like a busy city, always in a hurry, never pausing, never idle. Even during the darkest part of the night, a story lurks in the shadows.

I changed the blog theme and layout too. I think it all looks good together, if I can say so myself. These are all changes that you will see. What you won’t notice is that the blog is now hosted at wordpress.com. A year back I had moved to Bluehost. I wrote about it here. Now I am back with wordpress, albeit under a different name. I had moved to Bluehost so that I can get more options for customizing the blog. After a year I have realized that since I don’t post very often, wordpress actually works out better.

So, those are all the changes that have been made. Let me know what you think about the new look and the new name. Let me end this post with a song I like:

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