Cooking Adventures: Andhra Green Chili Chicken

So, I thought why not post a recipe here for a change. After all I have named this blog as Chicken Tikka Love. I might as well do it same justice. Who knows, posting recipes may even become a regular thing here.

I made chili chicken today. No, not that Indo-Chinese version that is common in every restaurant but the Andhra version with green chilies. I don’t know how authentic the recipe is and if the recipe actually originated in Andhra, but I love it and I have been craving for it from a long time. So I got the recipe from my mother and finally got around to making it.

The original recipe that my mom shared only called for green chilies and chicken. I modified it a little bit to get more gravy out of it.

Here is the recipe:
2 Boneless skinless chicken breats cut into bite sized pieces
10 Serrano chillies/Thai chilies (I used a mix of both since I didn’t have enough Thai chilies. The original recipe uses only Thai green chillies. Use more or less depending on your taste.)
Half an onion
3-4 cloves of garlic
a tiny piece of ginger
Garam masala
coriander leaves
salt to taste

First, you will need to make a fine paste using the following ingredients:
half the quantity of chillies that you will be using (I used six)

I also added a little almond meal and about 4-5 tablespoons of water. Almond meal helps to get a good thick gravy. You could add the meal directly to the gravy instead of the paste, but I have observed that it does not dissolve very well and leaves a very gritty gravy, which I personally do not like. That is why I prefer to blend it in the paste.

Once the paste is ready. Heat oil in pan. I used a tablespoon of Canola oil. Maybe a little more. Slit the rest of the chilies and add it to the oil once it is hot enough. Saute the chilies for a minute or two, until the color changes. Add the paste. Keep stirring till it starts to boil. Add the chicken and cook till the chicken is sealed (turns from pink to white). Now add a little salt, garam masala and water if you want a gravy). You can skip the water, since the chicken will release a little water. Cover and cook till chicken is done and desired consistency is reached. Garnish with coriander leaves.

That’s it. Yes, it is that simple. I bet you that you will not be able to eat this dish without tears in your eyes and a runny nose. Your tongue will be wiped clean and you will need to eat something sweet after. But I love it. I eat it as a side with rice and dal. It works great, just like pickle. Except it is made with chicken. It can’t get better right?

I have a picture of the dish. But it is not one of those professional photographs that food bloggers take. So, I am debating if I should put it up here. But you can try the recipe in the mean time and let me know how it works out.


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