Getting inked

If I could get one
What would it be?
That one tattoo which will
define me?

An angel, a butterfly?
Cliched, overdone.
Something different, unique
Something… most definitely me.

A scripture maybe
One that I have no clue about?
Sanskrit verses are so yesterday
Something in Azerbaijani?

Or maybe his name
and mine
with hearts?

Or should I get something
with a deeper meaning
One that even I can’t figure out
Like light coming from a tree
That has spread its roots all over my arm
asking me to stay rooted
true to myself?
I could add birds
And fruits.

And then I have to decide the location
Arms, leg, back, neck?
I think on the side of the forearm would look good
Don’t you?

But if I am getting a tree…
All over my back would be better,
I think.
I can make a statement
Of pain.

Let’s do it then.

Just kidding, mom!

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