This and That

I don’t have a single topic to write on. I have many. Nothing solid, nothing long. Random rumblings from here and there. I saw several tiny birds today. And a blue bird. Some days, I see a hummingbird. Not day. I wish I could sit outside and dream while I watched birds and cats. But it is too cold. I hate the winter. I hate feeling cold.

It is the first Monday of the year. A good start, I think. Lazy – a word that describes the last two weeks. Racoon – the animal on my slippers. Your Favourite Coffeehouse – the playlist I am listening to on Spotify right now. 0 – the number of unread emails I have now. I had 21 this morning.

Viktor Frankl and Tania Luna – people I came across during my Internet surfing. Is surfing still a term for Internet usage or maybe it is browsing now. I remember when ‘web surfing’ was popular on the ‘my hobbies’ lists. I had it too. Not anymore. I grew up. I prefer Documentaries to sappy romances. I want to read autobiographies and real stories more than fiction. There was a time when I wondered how someone could read non-fiction. I hadn’t grown up then.

2014 has been a good year. School and vacation. Alternating between busy and idle. 2015 seems exciting. So many milestones ahead of me. I want it to go by slowly, unlike 2014. I want to savor every minute. I want to live each moment to the fullest. Laugh more.

2015 is here. Happy New Year.

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