To Publish or not to Publish

Do I hit Publish?
I wonder…

No, I wouldn’t want you to read it
Or you.
And you.
I close the tab.

A argument ensues
In all corners of my head.
More people will read
And comment, maybe like
If I publish.

But I hesitate
I dread that day
When I meet you
or you
And when we exchange pleasantries
You will bring this up then,
I know you will
And remind me that
you read, what I wrote.

That day
I will be embarrassed
that you read.
That I let someone in
Into this little world of mine
where I build castles
and weave stories
with words.

I dread that day
The battle in my mind continues
There is no conclusion
I hit Publish.

I dread that day.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately on spotify and I have discovered that I love Passenger.
Scare Away The Dark – Passenger

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