Long Time, No Poem

I haven’t written in ages
It is definitely something I miss
But how do I avoid the chaos
That school seems to throw at me
Week after week?

How do I sort it out
This wild mess
of meetings and code
How do I make the time
For a little prose,
a little poetry?

This rant of mine
is somehow taking shape
From scattered words floating
In my mind
A poem is in its place.

2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Poem

  1. Alagarasan says:

    get in your light rail with a white paper and pencil and outline an idea and just before sleep give 15 minutes to frame further….already if you are in good shape just update us… One more idea is steal 15 minutes in early part of day as well… Anything for writing.. atleast you are delighting ppl like me


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