On Procrastinating

When do my creative juices start to flow? When I have a lot of work pending and exploring my creativity is the last thing I must be focusing on. Right now, I have at least 10 other things that have higher priority than this blog post. But here I am, typing away nineteen to a dozen.

When I was in school, exam days were the days I came up with 100 new hobbies and things I can do during the holidays. I furiously made lists: lists of books to read, places to go, new languages etc. I am sure I even invented my own language on the day I had my regional language exam. But once exams were done, my brain just stopped working. No excellent idea. No new hobby. Nothing. My brain just turned into a huge glob of uselessness. But come exams, and my brain is back churning out interesting ideas; ideas that could have made me a millionaire, had I noted them down when they struck. If I take time out to sit and think about new business ideas, all I get is my brain’s equivalent of a telephone’s busy tone.

Why does my brain evade me when I need it the most? It must be a way of telling me,”Hey, see all the things I am capable of. But HA HA, you can’t do anything about it now. Try me when you need these ideas. Catch me if you can”. I am pretty sure my brain is laughing at me right now.

Then I say to myself: “Next time on, I will manage my time well”. I say that every single time. For the last two decades, I have been procrastinating and managing time in the worst possible way. Till the very last minute, till I am up to my neck in tasks, I continue to laze around and do absolutely nothing about them. But once things are on fire, my own efficiency and proficiency amaze me. I wonder,” Just imagine if I did this when I had the time, things would be so much better. I can do so much more”.

But when I have my chance again, the same cycle repeats, the same thought process. I laze around till the end and then turn into superwoman at the last second and scrape through. Will I ever learn?

No. Can’t you see, I am still writing this post. I will never learn.

One thought on “On Procrastinating

  1. Piyu says:

    This is the something I can relate to the most; but then doing million other things when you ought to be doing something more important sure helps you relax (Just what I’m doing right now; like you, I’ll never learn!)


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