To the Beach and Back

We went on a holiday this weekend. A tiny beautiful coastal town that seemed to be in a different century. Pretty houses overlooking the ocean and greenery everywhere.

Every now and then a thought kept creeping into my mind. ‘Maybe I should live here, by the ocean…’ Away from the city, in this place where Internet connectivity is so poor. We had to travel 25 miles through a jungle to get there. 25 miles of narrow, curved roads and sharp turns and absolutely no cellular service.

Would I like it if I had to live here everyday? Or is it a place that’s is enjoyable only during these short visits. You spend some time with yourself, relax, and once you have rebooted you head back.

Being on a beach is my favourite activity of all time. It gives me a sense of calm that no other place gives. But, I am a person who gets bored easily. Would I then get bored of the ocean if I saw it every day? Would I start hating the sounds of waves crashing on rocks and wish for the silence that my apartment provides? Too much of anything is bad for you, they say. But I can’t really say if living on the beach every day is going to make me hate beaches.

Maybe when I am older and closer to retirement, I will move to a tiny coastal town. But for now, I am glad that I am heading back to the city.

One thought on “To the Beach and Back

  1. Proactive Indian says:

    There are quite a few places that are enjoyable only during short visits: places like the quiet beach you visited and/or big cities where the pace of life is really hectic.

    Of course, most people would learn to enjoy life in these places also if they are compelled to live there.


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