So much to do, So little time

When I recollect my childhood days, I remember a time when Internet had not yet taken over everything around me. Weekend meant spending time in my room, at the desk reading, writing and dreaming. I made lists, I made art and I weaved stories in my head. I played board games, played outside, visited parks and libraries.What I did not do was sit for hours glued to a screen.

Today, in an age where we have too much of everything – too many gadgets, too many choices – what we have very little of, is time. What I wouldn’t do to have more time. I wish for a time without gadgets, yet it is impossible for me to be disconnected from the virtual network. I would go crazy if I went just a day without being connected in some way to the Internet.

I wish ordering a coffee just meant ordering a coffee. No choosing between beans, a million varieties of milk, a billion options in sugar and then mixing everything yourself. I like the good old coffee served in a cup and saucer. All I had to do was sip and take in the lovely aroma. Life was simpler and information was limited. Now there are so many sources and abundant information available regarding every topic. But we hardly have the time to take it all in.

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