Happy Birthday

Another year another birthday. I am slowly inching towards the big 30. Its scary, realizing that the teens are now far behind and also the early twenties.

1999 was 15 years ago!

Teens are when you feel like a full fledged adult but all the parents and grownups tell you that you are still a kid. Early twenties are when you feel like an adult but can afford to act like a kid and get away with nonsense.
But the late twenties- that is when you are an official full fledged adult. All the new actors and sport people are now younger than you. Majority of your friends are married. And a lot of them are having kids. Topics of discussion with friends now include new topics such as recipes, how-to-clean, family planning, husband bashing, politics etc.,.
Late twenties is when you need to think about a million other things and not just about yourself. Buy a house, start a family, save money, travel the world, plan for emergencies, dread about the future etc. You need to worry about health and hair and teeth falling off, wrinkles on your skim and saddlebags and muffin-tops.

Even with all the grown-up banter and stress, I think the twenties are the best times in ones life. A lot of people would disagree and say that childhood years are the best. Some even go so far as to say that they will give their soul to be a kid again. I disagree.
While childhood was fun and stress free I think the twenties gives your more opportunities to explore and grow and learn. You have the money (if you are earning) to travel and live the luxurious single life. If you are single and living alone with no major commitments or loans life gets luxurious in many ways. You have the time and the money to explore. You can take your decisions, make mistakes, fall, get up and do something stupid again. No one depends on you.  Your schedule is yours and yours only. You cant do that as a kid.

Also, the twenties teach you a lot about life. All through school and college you are in a protected environment. Your experiences are limited. But once you are on your own  you get to meet a lot of people. All kinds of people.  At your workplace, at various Government offices, during the daily travel to and from work. There is no one to protect you or tell you what to do. You meet people from all walks of life.

The essence of a big city lies in its public transport. If one gets a chance to live in a big city, then one must at some point in time use the public transport. And those little experiences, anecdotes teach you so much more than a textbook ever can.
Growing up is so much fun. I have changed in so many ways in the last decade. My interests have evolved just like me. From loving sappy movies to hating any movie with the college student life theme, from loving fiction and only fiction to reading books on philosophy and biographies. From hating house work to being obsessed with making my home look pretty.
While growing up ads more responsibility and more stress, for me it also means a lot more fun.

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