Paper mate

I love notebooks. I love paper. Yes, I know in this age and time we must be working towards saving the environment and saving trees. Believe me, I care. But paper!

For almost a year I tried my best to use the apps on my smartphone for my to-do lists and various other home and school organization. I make a lot of lists and I have a lot of thoughts that need to be written ( so that I don’t  lose them. You can read more about catching thoughts here). So after a year of using Evernote and Pocket and Wunderlist I am back to good old paper. I still use those apps. They are great and so convenient for setting reminders and linking it to email calendar. Reminders is something paper can never be used for. Even with a hundred sticky notes and underlined notes, there is nothing like the phone alarm to really remind you about an urgent task.

Having said that, nothing gives me the satisfaction that putting pen to paper does. The feeling of ink flowing on a blank page can never be matched by typing a list on your phone or comopter. What about strikjng out something once the task is done? I know a lot of apps have the option but it is just not the same.

I have an obsession with collecting notebooks and journals and sticky notes. So after a year of going electronic I am back trying to get the best out of paper and technology.

Even as a kid I loved writing or doodling on blank sheets. As i wrote notes in class, I felt so excited every time I started a new page. Every single time. My study desk always had loads of tiny notepads and I was always scribbling in them. Making random lists, writing resolutions. But writing. Always writing. Or you can call it scribbling.

I still have that nagging thought at the back of my mind- am i wasting too much paper. But my love for paper and the old fashioned habit of keeping a handwritten journal is too strong and that thought about whether I am wasting paper will have to stay at the back of my mind.

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