Of Dreams and Disasters

Hello! This post is a little sad. So if you are already feeling low then it is probably not a good idea to read it. You can come back another day. Otherwise do read and let me know your thoughts.

Every day we wake up and plan. Sometimes, we dream. For today, tomorrow, the weekend. We have plans till the end of time. Hopes and dreams. Living in our own little world. Believing it to be constant. Unchanging.


And then something happens to jolt us out of it all. We come crashing down to reality. Like the Malaysian airlines disasters. One plane went missing and hasnt been found since. One plane got shot down. We read this and we realize how very short and transient life is. Nothing is in our hands really. And not everything is a consequence of our own mistake. What did the passengers on the plane that was shot down do to deserve such an untimely death.

Slowly the news settles within us. Like all the disasters we have seen. It becomes a part of us. And once the shock has been absorbed we continue like before. Making plans for the weekend, for summer. Living like there will always be a tomorrow.

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