She thought she knew it all
All that is there to know
And more.

Everyone else was stupid
Not she
She had moved to a higher level
She was
The supreme being.

Till she came down
Onto concrete surface
Bruised purple and

Her views, Shattered
Her head
Swollen no more
She learnt it the hard way
A tiny dot
In an unending galaxy
She was only
A mere mortal.

2 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Proactive Indian says:

    Many of us tend to forget that we are only “A tiny dot In an unending galaxy”. When we shine a bit, we think we are the Sun!!
    At the same time, we must remember each ‘tiny dot’ is part of the overall pattern.
    I had read a similar thought some years back in a book (I’ve forgotten the name; after all it was only a ‘tiny dot’!) by Dr. Deepak Chopra. You’ve expressed the thought in a more ‘reader-friendly’ way!


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