I was six
I needed a bedtime story
every day.

of crows and sparrows
Kings and queens
Right and wrong.

I went to sleep
My imagination running wild
Dreaming of another world
Another kingdom
With wonder in my eyes.

Will you read me a story tonight?

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. dtdeedge says:

    of course.
    would you still like crows and queens,
    sparrows and kings?
    right and wrong?
    or do you dream of other things now?
    of silky coffee,
    hot a rich with cream.
    Of crisp virgin paper,
    waiting hungrily for your words.
    When you were six,
    the was still right and wrong.
    Are they still separate,
    right and wrong,
    or has that division
    faded even as did your innocence?


    • chickentikkalove says:

      The line has faded
      Between things that are right
      And all that is wrong
      Dreams have changed
      And stories are longer.

      But if crows and kings
      Can put me to sleep
      Then crows and kings
      I want.


  2. dtdeedge says:

    and so upon his throne he sat,
    tired and crumpled crown upon his brow,
    an old crow for his queen.

    his scepter bare
    upon his knee
    sparkled keenly in the morn.

    “I have no realm,
    though govern I,
    all land that I can see.”

    A lie he told,
    faith shattered in the eyes
    of she who preceded the queen.

    “My horse,
    my house,
    all gone from me”

    A pauper on his throne,
    no trumpets brayed,
    instead did “caw” his queen.

    “Once was I young,
    strong proud and true,
    ‘fore lies did shatter all.”

    Spoke king to crow
    of stories old,
    of kingdoms come and gone.

    “Of love I drank,
    deep crimson draught,
    ‘ere lust didst turn mine eye.”

    “To drink and card,
    the slackard I,
    turned from the family”

    “and tho be gone,
    my pretty queen,
    ’tis my daughter most I miss”

    “Fair as the dawn,
    clear as the moon,
    my princess strode the land”

    “yet for a song,
    the dalliance of flesh,
    I cast aside my fortune.”

    “And here I sit,
    ‘pon my throne,
    an old bird for my wife”


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