Movies – July

I have been on a movie watching spree. I watched three movies yesterday. A first time for me considering that I can usually not watch more than one movie on a single day. The movie watching spree did leave me feeling a little down but that can be credited to sitting indoors staring a screen all day and not to the movies themselves.

I do want to maintain a log of all the movies I watch and the books I read. But it is so hard. I dont want to maintain merely a list of the names of books and movies. What I really want is to chronicle my thoughts about the movie and how I felt as the story came to an end. That is important for me because someday when I am older I may want to know. Or I may not remember.

For the longest time, through my entire teenage, Kuch Kuch Hota had been one of my favourite movies. I can say that I must have watched it at least 25 times. And once I started working there was a gap during which I did not watch the movie. And then after probably three four years I chanced upon it again on TV. Considering that it was one of my favourite movies, I decided that I must watch it again and cry through it like I always did. But surprise, surprise. I hated the movie. I found everything absurd and the little girl extremely irritating. Maybe I grew up somewhere in between.

Anyway, I digress. I want to try and write down in a few words at least how each movie made me feel. Because that’s how I remember movies and books and music. I never remember the actual details I only remember the emotion I felt when it came to an end.

So a list of movies I have watched in the last few weeks:

1. The Nanny Diaires

A chick flick definitely. A typical story about a college graduate fighting to take up the career path she wants against the path her mother thinks is right. She takes up a job as a nanny and in the process finds herself and what she really wants. It is not a very good movie, but it is not bad either. One of those movies where you don’t have to think a lot or involve yourself too much in the happenings of the movie, because you know it will all work out happily in the end. What I really liked about the movie is the analogy and comparison made between different tribes around the world and the mothers of the Upper East Side, Manhattan who are a tribe themselves.

2. Never Let Me Go

A story where nothing is happy. This is science fiction. The story revolves around three individuals who are clones and their purpose is only to donate organs once they are adults. A love triangle, the need to stay alive, and  understanding that they are clones and their purpose. Someone who is looking for a happy ending should stay away from this movie because nothing in this movie is happy. I liked the movie the performances were really good.

3. Four Christmases

A stupid movie. Very slow and boring. Though the plot is very relevant the story hasnt been told very well. Various incidents from our childhood and what we see around us when we grow up make us want to live in denial or do things which are totally opposite of what was considered the norm while growing up. But somewhere along the line we figure out the things we hated are things that work well for us in the end. I don’t think the movie makers had this philosophical side to the movie when they made it. But that is what I got from the movie. Otherwise the movie is plain boring and hardly funny.

4. Witness for prosecution

Watch it. An old movie based on an Agatha Christie play. I dont want to say anything more because I will end up ruining the suspense. A wonderful movie full of twists. Just lovely. Left me with a smile on my face.


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