Listen.. Amaya

A sweet movie. Perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon. The story of a young girl coming to terms with her mother’s decision to re-marry. The best part about the movie are the performances given by Deepti Naval and Farooq Sheik. The good part about the movie is that I loved their house, the interiors, the coffee mugs and the huge book shelf. Also, their clothes and did I already mention interiors? The setting is just gorgeous and very close to a home which I consider to be my dream home: lots of sunlight, lots of wood and loads of pottery and books. Swara Bhaskar who plays Amaya in the movie is a tad bit irritating. In fact, during some scenes I did want to slap her. But then that is how the character is supposed to make you feel so maybe she did a good job! What I did not like about the movie is that there were so many unnecessary songs which I feel were added just to increase the run time of the movie. But in the end, the movie left me feeling nice and warm inside. So I guess I liked it.

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