To be or not to be… Happy

A few days back I watched the movie Kal Ho Na Ho. It is not one of my favorites, but I love Saif Ali Khan in the movie and I decided to watch it for his comic timing. One of the dialogues from the movie got me thinking: ‘Darr lagta tha. Itni saari kushiyan? Gham agle mod pe tho nahi hai?’ which translates to ‘I was scared. So much of happiness? What if sorrow is just round the corner?’. 

Very often we hear people telling us ‘Don’t laugh too much or you will cry’. Why are we so scared to be happy? Always waiting for some impending doom.

I don’t have an answer to that but I wrote a few lines on this theme.

To be or not to be… Happy

She hesitates

To revel in her joy

Worried that disaster is close by.

Can it really be perfect?

She finds it hard to believe.

She looks for stories around her

She looks for sorrow

In their stories.

Sorrow comforts her

It gives her strength

She convinces herself

That she is better off

She cringes

To see happiness elsewhere

It brings her down

But she wants to be happy


She hesitates to be

Can I be happy

And not worry?

She wonders

Is sorrow close by?

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