No place like home

The unending noise

The blaring honks

The crowded streets

And Yelling neighbours.

I miss it all

Surely I do.

Roadside food

The sweat and grime,

Stretch out your hand:

An auto is by your side.

Yummy Butter chicken

That leaves your fingers red

Rules being broken

And nothing going smooth.

The lack of order

This absence of peace

No traffic rules

All this I miss.

Chaos prevailed

But somewhere we knew

That amidst the hullabaloo

The place is still home.

One thought on “No place like home

  1. tweetzthechamp says:

    Very true…there is no place like home…but you have it in you to make any place your home gal!…its not something all can do…but you can…with a little help of course…and you know whom you have for that! :-)…


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