New tidings

It has been a week since I set up a new home in a new city. Surprisingly the week was a good one. I had been apprehensive before I moved, about whether I will be able to take up the new responsibility and what if I will feel homesick. But I worried for no reason. While you are busy, there is no time for worry. I have realized that as long as you keep yourself occupied with things you love, you will always end up falling short of time. Even if you feel that you have all day, when you are busy, 24 hours isn’t enough.

Not that I am very busy but I am not bored and I am actually falling short of time. There are so many things I want to do, watch, read, cook, and there are places I want to travel to. But I can manage only a little everyday. It could be because my pace is slow, but nonetheless I am occupied. While I do miss home and the food and the familiarity of home, I am slowly but surely getting comfortable with the new role and the new home.

What I love best about my new home is that I set my own rules. I decide where things go and how they are kept. I love the independence and the freedom. What I also love is that I can cook and experiment at my own will. There is no hurry to have food on the table. There is no necessity to eat rice everyday. In fact I have eaten rice for only two meals in the last one week. Yay! Not that I hate rice, but I hate the idea that you need to eat rice everyday. There are other sources of carbohydrates. Anyway, I digress.

Cooking has always been fun. Now that I have the kitchen all to myself it is even more enjoyable. Looking forward to some great cooking and healthy eating. Yay!

One thought on “New tidings

  1. tweetzthechamp says:

    I love you for this!!!:-)…you know how to spend time with yourself…I am sure you will keep yourself busy…and soon get used to your new life…for any help we are all here…like always… Love you


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