On Books I want to read

Just yesterday, I was looking through the ‘bestsellers’ and ‘New arrivals’ shelves at Reliance Timeout. I came across three books that interested me.

One was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I read the blurb and I wanted to get started on it immediately. But I already have a long list of books at home that need to be read. So I made a mental note about this book.

Then I came across ‘The Tiger, The Elephant and The Cellphone’. While the name itself was different enough to catch my attention, I got further excited when I read that it was authored by Shashi Tharoor. I admire his writing style and that is why, even though this books wasn’t fiction, I wanted to purchase it. It looked like a bunch of essays about India, something that I can read on those boring afternoons when I want to read well written passages.

Source: Google Images

The other book that caught my attention was ‘Of Mothers And Others: Stories, Essays, Poems’. Three things about this book that got me attracted to it. One, is the word ‘Poems’, which is obvious since I love to read and write poetry. Two, is the word ‘Mother’. My current preference in books and movies is women-oriented, independent women themes. So anything women related I am willing to read. Three, was the fact that this book has a foreword written by Shabana Azmi, an actress whom I love.

Source: Google Images

So I made a list in my phone, with these three books and sent myself an e-mail so that I can look it up later some time when I want to purchase new books. This was yesterday. Today, I came across this superb article: Childless, naturally
which coincidentally turns out to be one among the many essays in ‘Of Mothers And Others: Stories, Essays, Poems‘. Now I know for sure that this book must be bought and read at the earliest.

Do read the essay. It is about a woman’s decision to be single and ‘child-free’ by choice. In this society it is considered to be a socially responsibility to marry and procreate, whether you want to or not. If you have graduated then obviously the nest step is to marry. And if you are married then you must have kids. That is the unwritten rule that we must follow in order to avoid stares, innumerable questions, unwarranted advise and extreme pressure from parents and family and some times even friends to ‘settle down’.

I came across this lovely thought on twitter recently and I immediately wrote it down. ‘It is weird they call marriage as settling down. When in fact, there is nothing that is more unsettling.’ And that is so true. So many changes, new responsibilities, new people and you are expected to deal with everything with a smile.

Anyway, I digress. Do read the lovely essay and the book too. The essay is excellent food for thought.

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