Stationery Love

I got a new notebook and for a long time I contemplated as to what I will use it for. I have a blog to write my poems in and I don’t plan on having a journal. So what shall I use the book for? I spent hours and I gave up. I decided that I will just keep the book aside and when the time comes or the need arises for the book I would know.

On Monday when I was watching my favourite movie I wanted to write down some of the dialogues that I liked from the movie. That is when I got this book out and found a use for it. And today, as I was reading through my Twitter timeline I came across some lovely tweets. Usually I just add the tweets I like to my ‘favourites’. Today I thought: why not write them down in the new notebook. I can always look them up some day in the future. Now that is a lovely way to use a new shiny notebook, isn’t it?

I named it too. It is called ‘Book of Tidbits’.

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