This poem was written because my sister felt that I never write anything ‘happy-happy’. She said that all my thoughts are twisted and dark. In order to prove to her that I can write something which is happy she gave me three words: Flowers, ice cream, honey. And I was to write a poem using these three words. I wrote this. She bought it.

The sun has risen

The truck needs to be driven

I need to deliver

Ice cream.

Kids shall wait

Eagerly at their gate

To hear me shout

Clear and loud

‘Ice cream’.

Some give me money

Others give

Words sweet as honey

Like flowers in a field

Kids line the streets

To get a taste of my famous

Ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Ice-cream

  1. Samuel Kuye Oladimeji says:

    Writers never suffer network as far as they possess language. You have shown your sister that specialisation on something is not incompetence in others. Good.


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