Nothings in my head

Words fail me sometimes when all I want to do is write. I want to get something out but I can’t figure out what. I want to say something, share a feeling, an emotion. But words, at that very moment hide and all I have is a helpless urge to scream.

There is so much to be read and so much to be told. Why then, when I want to say something am I tongue-tied? Maybe it is because there is so much inside, a chaos of thoughts. I need to sit alone to sort them out and then maybe, writing will be easier.

It is amazing how, when we wake up we think that we have an entire day to ourselves and so much can be done. But in no time, the sun would have set and darkness would have spread around and into plans made at the start of the day. Where does all the time go? Why is time hurrying up so much? I wish I could pause time. But I can’t. Nor can I catch up with time.

I can only try. There is always tomorrow.

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