Miles to go before I sleep

I am happy right now, comfortable rather. Happy is a state of mind one can never be in. It is after all just an emotion fleeting like the wind. I am comfortable and satisfied. It is midnight. There is silence around me except for the cricket and the frog outside. They are giving me company like they do on most nights. They chirp and croak into the night. And it is raining. Just started raining as I wrote this.
The temperatures have been hitting 35 degree C for almost a week now. The windows are open and I am sitting close to the window.
I am doing something which I have been postponing for months. I am updating my Google reader subscriptions. Deleting blogs that haven’t been updated for ages, removing blogs which I don’t follow anymore and adding new blogs.
I have reduced my unread items from 600 to 200. That is something that makes me happy.
But this whole exercise also made me realize how things change. A lot of the blogs I used to follow don’t make any sense to me now. Also, many bloggers have changed their blogs to private and as I result I have lost on some really good writing. Some others have deleted their blogs. My interests in the kind of stuff I want to read has undergone a wonderful change. Something I feel so proud of.
I love this time of the night. It gives me the silence that I need.

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